“Fund managers promised they would keep an eye on the market for my client’s accounts, but in hindsight they did not sell anything as a result of a falling market.  So I moved my clients to defined money managers, who promised to shepherd my clients’ portfolios, but they never sold anything either.  Now I use AFS’s fundelert to do it myself.”
─ Paul Harris, Financial Advisor ─ Southern Trust Financial, Sarasota FL

Protecting against major losses is job No. 1 for any financial advisor.  Since 2000, that job has gotten a whole lot tougher, with volatile markets devastating many of those plans and dreams.  World uncertainty suggests that this volatility will continue. 
During the last decade, markets faced two major corrections that voided many plans and promises and made a reasonable recovery next to impossible.  Since time, not performance, is the key to a successful portfolio, clients cannot afford to spend a year or two suffering major losses. 
Active Fund Strategies’ proprietary formula (fundelert) could have prevented these falls, preserving the promise to your clients.  For example, on November 23, 2007, AFS signaled a "sell and avoid" on the S&P 500 Index, completely sidestepping the collapse of 2008.  We signaled a return to the market on April 8, 2009.  From the time we issued the November 2007 sell signal until we suggested a return to the market in April 2009, the S&P 500 fell 44.11% while the AFS process actually earned 0.78%.
Look at these wealth-preserving results for some of the industry’s top funds.

8 of America's Largest and Most Popular Funds
growth of $50,000 from December 31, 1999 through May 30, 2012
Growth Fund
Growth & Income
Growth Fund
of America
Buy & Hold $68,205 $40,063 $42,259 $71,813
with FundElert $125,003 $66,248 $72,910 $111,405
  T. Rowe Price
Growth Stock
Vanguard 500
Vanguard Emerg Mkt
Stock Index Fund
Buy & Hold $71,981 $58,760 $38,924 $124,726
with FundElert $97,843 $92,795 $86,518 $210,678
        details on request

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What We Are Working On This Month
  • Do Newly-Created Funds Outperform Their Stale and Bloated Competitors? -Over the years, many financial publications publish articles and research reports claiming that newly-created funds, free of previously poor purchases and not bloated with too much AUM, outperform their older and bloated in-category competitors.  My research has always found there is zero correlation between superior performance and funds that were new to market.
    The results delivered by the newcomers of 2016 were no different.  There were 289 actively managed equity funds that posted their first-ever annual returns in 2016.  While 22% delivered top quartile performance in their category, 30% produced bottom quartile returns.  Furthermore, 44% finished 2016 in the top half, and 56% finished in the bottom half.  A coin toss produces similar results.  These performance results refute the view that newly created funds, able to concentrate on a manager’s top few picks and without a bloated asset base, have a performance advantage.