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For investors and their advisors who cannot simply sit still and watch a bear market devastate client portfolios, for those who have got to proactively “do something,” we offer a simple yet successful form of portfolio insurance.
Our proprietary formula, created in 1997 by AFS founder and president Jeff McTague, uses the momentum of a moving average to ensure against large and devastating portfolio losses.  It is purely a technical approach to timing the market, without regard for fundamental analysis.  The goal is to be in the market for “most of the bull” and out of the market for “most of the bear.”  Following this formula also brings a clarity, focus and discipline to decisions not easily found in today’s marketplace.

Over the years, following our formula has avoided large losses, which is job #1 for any financial advisor.  From December 1999 through December 2003, following this discipline turned a 5-year cumulative loss of 9.54% in the S&P 500 into a client saving gain of 24.85%, and it did so with 51% less risk (time out of the market).  Another crippling loss was prevented in the next bear market.  From December 2005 through December 2009, our proprietary momentum formula turned a 10.67% loss into an astounding 19.83% gain.  This time, with 45% less risk.
For a copy of the AFS white paper on trend analysis research and performance, click here.

“Thank you! Thank you!  Because of Active Fund Strategies' fundelert, my phone IS NOT ringing off the hook.”  Bob Decker, Financial Consultant, Bob Decker & Associates, St. Petersburg, FL

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“In terms of making a positive impact on my business, Jeff McTague’s philosophy and process is the single best presentation I have seen in my 22 years as a financial consultant.”

— JoLynn Free, First Vice President — RBC Wealth Management, Austin TX
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